Monthly Surprise FAQs

Not really sure what all the fuss is about? Most common questions are covered below. If you come up with a new one, just contact us - we're quick to respond!

What will I get? 

This is a pretty touch question to answer as it really depends on the age of your child, what they like, what they don't like. You'll find some examples on the Monthly Surprise page, and plenty of photos over on Facebook.

The photo to the right shows what was sent out in August 2018. This is made up of the following: 

£5: 4 x hair bow clips

£15: 6-7yrs skirt

£25: 2 x 2-3yrs skirts and matching initial tee

£25: 0-3m leggings and matching vest, and skirt

The photo below shows what was sent out in September 2018. This is made up of the following: 

£5: 4 x hair bow clips

£15: 5-6yrs skirt and bow clip

£25: 2 x 5-6yrs skirts & bow clip

£25: 0-3m t-shirt dress & headband

How do I know we won't receive something we have already? 

After payment is received, we send a form for you to list likes and dislikes. If, for example, your child has a lot of leggings already, just mention that and we won't choose to send leggings. Of course it is meant to be a surprise, though, so we don't send specific requests!

Can I cancel? 

Of course! Just sent us a message and we'll cancel your subscription with immediate effect. If you have already paid for that month's subscription, you will of course receive that one.  Alternatively, you can cancel via your PayPal account.